Recording continues…

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los chicos en el estudio

and so recording continues!
It’s been a confusing process perhaps to do with the fact that i turned up with over 40 songs to present to the guys over the last few weeks, and therefore the confusion in selecting a few to start off with, chosing the artistic intention and pre-production decision-making is always tricky.

There’s many decisions to take prior to any recording as you can imagine, from the boring and dull ones about budgets, limitations with time, space and studio, to the more artistic ones about style, treatment of songs and intention behind them.
My ally throughout most of this has been Juni Ramone in the studio, engineering, co-producing and helping me with some of the decisions;

juni en el estudio

My idea is to sound like a band creating classic songs with no specific genre or style within a period of history either, adding new modern ways of surprising the listener and leaving mystery behind the songs as well. There’s no problem at all in mixing the old approach with the new, and it’s something in modern day productions all over the place, that’s our aim.
At the same time I aim for the listener to feel like he’s in the room or the studio with the band, without limiting other countless options available to us. Its amazing given the physical limitations we might have, the options available to us from the instruments, to the pre-amps, to the desk, to possibly “paint” different landscapes in terms of sounds and space.
The people that know about this often say a good song will always remain so even played just on acoustic guitar, and this is sometimes precisely how we’ve started, for instance;

and here’s the band in process, the room is petit but warm at the same time and the drums room sound is amazing in Carlos Jean’s studio in central madrid!
(this a tune with great potential in its early days…)

and when the ball gets rolling and the band picks up momentum its amazing to see musicians, engineer and production at work, like it shows here with our drummer Alex Moreno-Corz on a new song called “I’ll be gone”… (little glance at the camara included)

So recording continues, adding stuff, laying tracks down, progressing… and telling you folks from the studio..
more to come soon….stay tuned and thanks for staying in touch!

massive hug to you all, can’t wait to get this out there!

stay in touch!

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