Juan and the piano

It’s been a hectic week of recordings, gigs of our own, but specially attending some great shows, enjoying the best talent the town has to offer!

It started in between studio hours, when we were offered to play at the TEATRO REAL, in madrid, for WOBIMAD (world of business ideas) where Bebe and I played the song “tu historia, tu cancion” for RENFE, thanks to Muwom. Amazing experience, unique place, what a view! (shame only a crappy keyboard was available for the performance…….amidst grand or upright pianos all over the place!)
never the less, an amazing experience!

con bebe teatro real

Next up, we would go to Cafe Berlin, to see the album presentation for the cuban-american band “PICADILLO”, and their new album “Manicomio”, oh yesss! The band is pumping with cuban flair as well as american showmanship, and the songs are powerful from both male lead and female lead! (Rey from Cuba and Sol from Miami) As they put it, a creole recipe with plenty of mixing styles in there, and a crazy definition of references, genres, all in a blender…but what a night! thank you picadillo!

picadillo cafe berlin

Next it was our turn to travel and gig, and so it started in a private event in Barcelona for a fashion brand…. NOMAD, at the style outlets…
This time around, i could take the martin on the plane!

con guitarra en avion

Amongst the branding, the marketing, the complementary activities, the yoga….yes, there was also room for music!

barna evento

Another story was the International Blues Festival at Corralejo, Fuerteventura (canary islands) where the people danced all night, enjoying great bands, including amazing blues guitarrist and friend SCOTT MCKEON, what a dude!

corralejo festival

Next up, a wonderful spanish singer/songwriter named DEPEDRO, and his amazing band!! (also invited was brazilian artist and band Anelis Assumpcao, also very good) Jairo’s unique voice glides over the band, and the songs take great shape live, and the overall final sensation is one of pure joy!

depedro sol

To round up the crazy week, 2 amazing gigs on the same night! XOEL LOPEZ, (well-reknowned spanish artist with a contrasting album history)
and the delightful Martha High (formerly singer for James Brown) and the tighten ups, a band full of spanish talent treating soul with care and brilliance!

xoel lopez riviera

martha high buena


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