DAY 1, Recording new album!

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Juan studio black/white

Today, a whole new phase starts for me and the band, as it was day 1 of the recording of our new album!!
It had been quite a long time coming, with loads of new ideas and songs popping into my head, sometimes trying them out at rehearsals and gigs, so finally we start the ball rolling again and I’m delighted, (though in this pic the guys seem more concentrated than anything else…)

Banda y Juni

There’s many reasons for starting a new project again, both personal and musical, its a necessity as well as a challenge I’m so looking forward to. Plenty of day to day stuff to share with people, and songs that I believe have a lot of potential.

Juni Ramone will be engineering as well as co-producing with producer Carlos Jean.

Juni Ramone estudio

We will be recording at Carlos Jean’s petit but special studio, where the drums sound great, and we can get a live feel to it all, even if it means cramming up musicians together….
There’ll be plenty of surprises, amazing guests on the album, as well as things that we’ll take on our stride on the way also. There has to be room more open-mindedness also amidst all the spontaneity. Going for the “live” band feel, but a happy balance with production and the studio as well.

estudio banda con carlos

If recordings are done right, it’s treated with a whole lot of love, dedication and will power to make it sound spectacular. The songs sound big, unique and pretty, and expectations are always the hardest to meet, but we’ll try our best!

Thanks for all the support so many people have shown us in the process of writing and rehearsing. It means a lot to have people awaiting with expectation, urging you on with support, thanks!

In these tricky times for the music business, I must say a massive THANK YOU to my team at MUWOM (my label) for their support of my music and their respect for the project. Of course another big thank you to the musicians for putting up with me, with their patience and dedication, thanks to Alex Moreno-Corz on drums, Adrian Bartol on bass, and François Le Goffic on guitar, and all the others which will add with their talent.

Bateria estudio

WE promise to make an amazing album, worthy of the great company surrounding us, and in appreciation of the people that follow and support us and listen to our music with joy!.

THANK YOU, so here we go!

By the way, today typically was a chaotic day, setting up, fixing leads, chasing sounds, and still managing a few great takes of two tracks!
Shame to be starting with the most british of colds, as autumn has finally started in Madrid, all great timing , still much more and better to come!

Stay tuned!

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