ST LUCIA!..that memorable night


SXSW (South by SouthWest festival), Austin, Texas, 16th March 2016. Who was to tell us that such a memorable night would be ahead of us?

The day started playing at the “Sounds from spain” stage. Comparisons are indeed tricky, but one day hopefully spanish talent will be recognised in a different way, not just associated with paella and sangria under the burning sun…..
Walking around Austin, it was amazing to see what the British embassy venue was offering, or that of youtube, or spotify stages. Obviously logistics and possibilities are different, but it would be amazing to strive for more.

Walking around the husstle and bustle of the city centre and its streets filled with music, we find top chef celebrity Jose Andres (spanish chef who’s become a rock star in the USA) who ends up inviting us to his opening at a new restaurant.

banda con jose andres

His charisma, personality and contagious vibes are simply awesome! He places us by the bar, always keeping musicians content with their thirst and hunger for more! When a guitar pops up and music is heard from the bar, he shouts, “sing to the clients!” and so The Blues Remain eventually was played! (after his Oscar-like speech infront of the guests, what a dude!)

Following a neverending dinner of hilarious banter, music, delicious food, and peculiar substances (pure mezcal to name just one) he takes us to one of the emblematic music venues at the festival, where our minds are blown by the band ST LUCIA!!

juan jose andres

What a band!!!!!! astonished, speechless, we are straight away glued to the music, the sounds and magic of the band!
The sound was beautifully bass heavy, synth lines griping us with grooves worthy of Michael Jackson, and melodies reminiscent of Fleetwood mac. 80s sounds turned on its head in a modern way to thrill and grip you like there’s no tomorrow, honestly a memorable show.

With no proper video to show you of that occasion, here’s a little teaser of what they do on TV;

Jean’s voice is out of this world, my good friend from LIPA (liverpool times back in 2005 or something) and here is the band in their environment, all good vibes, musicality and TUNES!!!

And so the memories came back from Liverpool days, playing with our mutual Norwegian friends, songs from the band ISHKOBAR! How strongly then you could tell the potential in songwriting Jean had, and the glorious voice to accompany the tunes.
The guy who would play Police songs in their original key, always backed up by the lovely Patricia full of smiles and good vibes, you would know, as soon as they embarked in New York city, they were onto something special.

The night carried and consumed us, Austin blowing our minds,with amazing sounds all over town, some more affected than others…
who was to tell us, about a memorable night?

alex austin

juan FREE

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