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Acoustic Myplayz

The doors openned towards the terrace at Muwom offices, letting the gentle breeze in as people started arriving. An event set up by  to propose an acoustic gig in a different way. I added more gadgets than usual to try new songs out, improvise others, and in general try another taste to the gig..

here’s a little taster of the song “You and I” now sounding on main fm radio in spain #Los40 as well as prime time TV SHOW #LateMotiv with Buenafuente!

The atmosphere was unique, as sunset glowed in the distance over Madrid’s skyline… the people were groovy, good vibes all round, and I was just the lucky one to experience it all and add my thing. Myplayz proposes to add culture to the local city life, by uniting people in a unique way and empowering them to take the lead in initiatives such as this, linking people up in the sector as well as others culturally and try and generate awareness all around that this is very possible.

Muwom terrace

And so one after the other, songs were tried out in different ways, as the context invited me to try things out, here’s an example with “What is it with you”.

It’s very important to value these new experiences,  maybe not in the financial sense, but in every other aspect of modern life. People coming together, mingling and sharing similar interests,  a different kind of show, ice cold beer and a new platform allowing people to add their thing, and plenty of smiles…

I got to say a big thank you to both teams at Myplayz and  Muwom so this is to them!

equipo myplayz muwom

and the views were pretty sick too!

Juan terrace



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