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Plenty of ideas have been roaming around my head recently, with the summertime bringing new proyects, gigs, recordings, new songs, and new releases. Can´t wait to head back up to where my people are in Galicia, maybe a couple of shows there, as well as shows in the south near cadiz, (below Gran Baba on august 12th) .La rioja, Barcelona in september and even Fuerteventura in october.

gran baba

Around 25 new songs have been demoed up and I cant wait to record some of them in september, for a new release we’ll have in october. Plenty of things to say, music to add, and a purpose to a great recording with great musicians.

We were lucky enough to be given the GPS spanish grant, for touring around spanish towns, from october through to march next year, which links up nicely with the new album release and other dates we’ll be adding. Hopefully this means a show in London in the autumn of course!


I can’t thank people enough for the support and messages they send me, wanting to see us live more often, we keep trying to go out as far as possible, hopefully these next few months will mean so.

It is now preproduction time for arranging the new songs, rehearsing, editing lyrics, and involve the musicians which will be involved with me.

verano con carlos

I hope everything flows, and we get a decent recording out which will take us out on the road more often. WE wouldnt want anything more than that!

I’ll say goodbye for today, with the summer wishes in my mind, anticipating good things ahead, and hoping you PEOPLE enjoy your summers too.

peace out!

juan verano



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