Juan al nord

In these hasty times, not much space and time is left for pausing and reflecting on the subtle things. We run everywhere, always in a haste, with absurd expectations from the go, so sometimes it just feels right to take things slow, with a lighter approach, something in a sigh, or breathing it all in, to find a little peace perhaps.

I wrote this song going through a personal process but also circumstantial because of all the blows we take on the way. Each time we find new ways to “reset”, get up again, or find a new plan. Maybe with this song I was just searching for some comfort, understanding, to fall easier and softer, and doge the obstacles on the way.

I hope you enjoy the song, we’ll be playing it this next friday 24th june at Madrid’s Sala Clamores, from 23hrs, where that beautiful grand piano awaits for us….. lay me down easy!


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Juan Zelada actualmente se encuentra promocionando su último disco "Back on track"

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