Luke Higgins

My very dear friend Luke Higgins has a new EP out!!!!

At long last he is able to share with the world what he has been brewing for quite some time. In between touring, playing in stadiums, arenas across the world as an awesome musician, he finally gets to record his own material which I know was on his mind for quite some time!

As an ally of many an adventure, I only have words of admiration towards him; friend, musician, guitarist, singer, songwriter, friend, joker, animator of many a party, did I say singer? fucking great singer!

Here’s a taste of his new EP “Heavy”:

Since 2007/2008 we’ve been playing together, as a band in all sorts of dives across the uk, loving every minute of it, with anecdotes to last for years, many jokes, blood sweat and tears as they say….. only words of love and respect for the man.

Here’s a random memory; us doing an acoustic support slot for Gavin Degraw back in the day;  (thanks Google)

juan luke duo

He would harmonise perfect, play solo guitar, whilst enduring my limitations on rhythm guitar and vocals. We would play songs both old and new from all these recordings we’d done together.  I remember that night I spilt a pint of beer on Mr Degraw ‘s hands just as he was about to do his encore, very classy of me, to which Luke could only take the piss out of for the rest of the night.

Two years after having left London, music has thankfully kept us connected with our different projects, and as the musician I know, it has taken a load off his shoulders having recorded this EP with the people he loves and admires. It had been a long time on his mind, and for one reason or another it was taking a loooong time. Been a long slog but worth the wait for sure.

“Sister” is on itunes and you can get it here; 

It has been recorded with some amazing friends/musicians who share the same mutual admiration I’m sure. Our one and only Oscar Golding on bass, what a dude!!!!! , multitalented/instrumentalist Daniel Bingham on piano, or the legend that is Robbie Mcintosh on guitar. (Clapton or Norah Jones amongst others..)

Luke's band RAK Studios

All together sharing the love for this gifted talented man, hilarious, loving and a true, true friend.

Congrats mate, much deserved.

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