Muse- Drones and giants



A magical orquestral intro created the biggest anticipation possible, Psycho was about to start as so was the Drones tour show. Epic

Muse Drones tour

drones azul oscuro

Song after song, Muse demonstrate virtuoso playing, and an energy seldom seen between three elements perfectly combined, between leading guitar lines, catchy beats and distorted cutting base lines that hold grooves together. A fourth member almost hidden in the constantly turning stage, is crucial with great synth lines, atmosphere pads and percussion. Together they form a powerful line-up with energy-filled songs of epic proportions.

If it has to be good old rock n roll, then so it is as this video clearly shows;

Balloons, majestic proyections, subtlety at the piano, instrumental interludes, messages, all atmospheres taking you almost to another galaxy, where this acclaimed band clearly dominates their ambitious world being best at what they do.

Baloons at Muse



Muse piano general

and for the crowd there’s always a spot for one of the classics…

Many wanted more, I particularly missed them playing “Hysteria” an epic song I covered back in 2013 with my band, and I remembered the vibes and the energy coming from the crowd when we played it.

Some say, all the drones, lights and artefacts are clever means of distraction, however in the end the music and the songs are imperious, the energy these musicians create, stuff of giants.

Muse finale

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