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I have started an amazing project along with RENFE (Spain’s national Railway company) and the talented Spanish singer-songwriter BEBE.  The challenge is to write a song inspired by passenger’s stories aboard the train.

bebe tren renfe

It has been amazing to see the quantity and quality of stories coming in! Floods of carefully written stories from people all over the country sharing their intimate stories in the most passionate and sincere way. By reading these stories, the task at hand becomes even daunting, but I quite fancy the challenge.

If one thing defines people in Spain, it is passion!

For any of you spanish speaking; here is an example of a story that came in;


Over 1,200 stories were submitted in the month of march, and choosing 5 from them has been a nightmare!  In the end, it shows the complexities and the mystique involved around a train journey. Remembering my time in the UK, it is that moment when we lose ourselves and find our way back somehow, letting all feelings go for a while, and somehow travelling in dream-like mode.

We were lucky to meet 5 of them, and seeing their faces and personalities, somehow helped us to form an idea of where the song could go, although it still remains an  somewhat impossible task, we will give it a try!

The campaign coincides with Renfe’s  75 year anniversary and here was the spot launching the campaign;

Before that, I was lucky enough to perform with Bebe my song “TRain to Mexico” at the presentation (ironic i know!) and it was real treat!

Now the process of conceiving the song begins, along with recording and interviewing the passenger/s, along with Bebe and a whole lot of will power,  hopefully something beautiful will come from all of this!

75años renfe

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