Remembering Snarky Puppy (SXSW)


Our last night at SXSW, Austin, Texas, was epic! simply amazing and hard to describe in words!

We were lucky enough to get in to the first showcase for GROUND UP MUSIC (a label set up by virtuoso bass player for Snarky Puppy, Mr Michael League).

The night had a bit of everything; firstly the surprise of another bunch of virtuosos at play from memphis, “The funky knuckles” got the party started in full flow, amazing.

Then it was Londoner Bill Laurence (also keyboard player for Snarky) showing us his acclaimed new album and all his keyboard chops.

Afterwards, came the madness and genius of Cory Henry. This madman has been playing Hammond organ since the age of 2, and man does it show! synth crazy also, full of musicality, and he sings stevie wonder too! genius.


Tough act to follow, but along came MAGDA BANDA, a greek singer accompanied by the full band, and the party erupted!

here’s what she was up to amongst other things…


To top it all off, came the big ticket with SNARKY PUPPY, a band of friends and exceptional musicians doing their thing, full of great songs, lead lines, amazing musicianship and here’s some crowd-pleasing to go with it;

(i have loads of other amazing videos too….here’s just a snippet..)

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