A TV program about music?

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Was this the shape of things to come?

“Later with Jools HOlland” consistently proves us otherwise! The example for all to follow! Class of its own when it comes to variation, editing, rhythm, value, following, you name it. Here’s Ben howard killing it!

Does it only happen in the UK? are they the only lucky ones? Is it just the culture and history? France proves us otherwise with “TARATATA”;

Is it really so far-fetched an idea for Spain? Did we never have something similar? WRONG!!! “Septimo de caballería” proved us otherwise; (notice the variation in artists presented on this given program; from Pedro Guerra, Celia Cruz y Madonna!)

So we now have piracy?! youtube owning everything, spotify, all these problems/solutions!? Live music will always prevail no matter what! Iplayers nowadays provide us with the opportunity to make things compatible with the internet and portable gadgets.  This would also include quality and spontaneity to the content, refreshing new acts as well as established ones.

Of course shows such as “Pop idol” and “the voice” never helped! Branded marketing packages for us to consume melodramatic teenage moments of hysteria.  Unlawful competition with regards to promo time on TV, as well as no regard to real quality music, and everyone inside knows this.

Imagine critics recommending new acts, shows, tours, old and new, all about a bigger grander conscience. This is a particular problem in Spain. Imagine sections for new playlists, integrating social media, online platforms, musicians collaborating, duets, improvisations!. Was I dreaming for an instant? was it all so utopian?  A TV program about MUSIC?!


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  • Sandra Gordo says:

    Precisamente el otro día en el programa La Ventana de la Ser debatían sobre el mismo tema y mientras conducía pensaba que en efecto faltan programas de música hoy en día.
    Antes (hace muchos años…) tenías casi un programa para cada género… Yo descubrí Radio Futura y Alaska de pequeña gracias a la tele, pero es cierto que hoy se descubren nuevos artistas gracias a otros medios (en tu caso te descubrí por una entrevista en también La Ventana)
    Pero en fin, para las personas que como yo #nopuedovivirsinmúsica, quiero pensar que aún hay esperanza…Recientemente he descubierto @Cachitostve en la 2 y @Amimanera y cada uno a su manera aportan su granito de arena a esta parte de la cultura… aunque molaría que dedicaran una parte a nuevos taletos o descubrir pero… un dia… quizá algún dia…

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