The sound of emotions

Juan Audi guitarra


#thesoundofemotions is a proyect and musical experiment combining tecnology, innovation and people’s interaction with music to form a song made of their personal emotions. Carlos Jean (producer, artist and co-founder of Muwom) teamed up with AUDI Spain to start a proyect that would bring this to life in an innovative way.

People through their reactions and emotions would become the real protagonists of the whole adventure.

In each place we would go to, I would improvise on guitar and vocals, over a basic harmony line, different melodies always to different people in different contexts.  Sometimes this would bring about some magical moments (sometimes not) and precisely where these moments created a positive reaction with the subject we would make a note after recording.

The idea was to sum up a lot of different melody lines that could create a combinational song in which people’s “positive reactions” were included.  We also used a glove that measured your impulses and emotional “peaks”, almost in polygraph lie detector test mode. This would show us along with images from cameras, which were the moments that were most effective.

This whole project was quite an undertaking. A constant dialogue that would turn into heated discussions, and an open debate to expose all the fragile elements surrounding it. People’s attitudes were remarkable, and the power of music I guess did the rest.

Team AUDI-muwom was crucial in all of this! From production, to filming, to having a laugh and seizing the moment. Thanks to Carlos, Juni, Imanol, Vanesa, Monica, Juan and myself.

equipo audi muwom

Here’s a good example of good vibes, after some experiments in “paradise” Islas Cies, Galicia.


A special thanks to Carlos Jean por including me in the proyect. Not everyone agrees, but he is always proposing new ideas and ways of doing things. Introducing music in the public awareness which is not always easy in Spain. Prejudice aside, he is proposing new things, and its refreshing to see. Be it with a gig, a recording or with a brand, it’s all about music.

carlos y juan islas cies

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